Module mở rộng SM 1238

SM 1238 (signal modules) là module mở rộng tín hiệu ngõ vào tương tự (analog input “AI”) cho PLC S7-1200.

Không tìm thấy sản phẩm nào khớp với lựa chọn của bạn.

Giới thiệu chung về SM 1238

    • Energy management based on SIMATIC S7-1200
    • Data acquisition of electrical characteristics in 1 and 3-phase networks up to 480 V AC
    • Direct connection of voltage inputs
    • Current measurement performed by 1 A and 5 A current transformers
    • Can be used in TN and TT networks
    • Data backup of measurement data in the event of a power failure

Ứng dụng của SM 1238

The SM 1238 Energy Meter 480 V AC is designed for use at machine level in an S7-1200 system. It registers various electrical and other measured values. This makes it possible to acquire transparency about the energy requirements of individual components of the production system starting at the machine-level.

The measured values provided by the SM 1238 Energy Meter 480 V AC can be used to determine energy requirements, power consumption and efficiency as well as make demand forecasts. Measurement data about power consumption are vital for load management and maintenance. They can also be used for emission reporting and calculating the CO2 footprint.

SM 1238 được thiết kế với

The signal modules have the same design features as the basic units.

    • Installation on DIN rails: The modules are snapped onto the rail next to the CPU on the right and are electrically and mechanically connected to each other and to the CPU by the integral slide mechanism.
    • Direct installation: Horizontal or vertical mounting on DIN rail or direct mounting in the cabinet using integral lugs.

Chức năng của SM 1238

    • Measurement of electrical variables from one, two or three-phase supply networks
    • nominal voltage between two line conductors 480 V AC
    • Retentive storage of counter readings
    • Detection of: Voltages, Currents, Phase angles, Services, Energy / electrical work, Frequencies, Minimum and maximum values, Performance factors, Operating hours

The module supports the following system functions:

    • Firmware update
    • Calibration during runtime
    • I&M identification data
    • Reconfiguration in RUN
    • Diagnostics and hardware interrupts