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Module mở rộng SM 1221

SM 1221 (signal modules) là module mở rộng tín hiệu ngõ vào số (digital inputs – “DI”) cho PLC S7-1200.

Giới thiệu chung về SM 1221:

    • Digital inputs as supplement to the integral I/O of the CPUs
    • For flexible adaptation of the controller to the relevant task
    • For subsequent expansion of the system with additional inputs

Ứng dụng của SM 1221:

Digital input modules allow the connection of the controller to digital signals of the process.

This provides users with the following advantages:

    • Optimum adaptation: With signal modules which can be mixed as desired, users can adapt their controllers exactly to the relevant task. This avoids superfluous investments. Modules with 8, 16, and 32 input/output channels are available.
    • Flexibility: If the task is expanded subsequently, the controller can be upgraded. Updating of the user program is extremely simple.

Chức năng của SM 1221:

The SM 1221 digital input signal modules convert the level of the external digital signals from the process into the internal signal level of the S7-1200 controller.