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Board mở rộng SB 1231

SB 1231 (signal board) là board/ module mở rộng tín hiệu đầu vào tương tự (analog input “AI”) cho PLC S7-1200.

Giới thiệu về SB 1231

    • Analog input for SIMATIC S7-1200
    • Extremely short conversion times
    • For the connection of analog sensors without additional amplifiers
    • For solving even more complex automation tasks
    • Can be plugged directly into the CPU

Ứng dụng của SB 1231

The SB 1231 analog input signal board enables the connection of the controller to analog signals of the process.

This provides users with the following advantages:

    • Optimal adaptation: With analog signal boards, users can optimally adapt their controllers even to more complex tasks.
    • Direct connection of sensors: Up to 11 bit resolution and different input ranges permit the connection of sensors without additional amplifiers.
    • Flexibility: If the task is expanded subsequently, the controller can be upgraded. Updating of the user program is extremely simple.
    • Use where space is limited: The signal boards are directly plugged into the CPU, enabling the controller to be expanded without taking up any additional space.

SB 1231 được thiết kế với

The signal boards are plugged straight into the holder on the front of the S7-1200-CPU.

    • Installation: Signal boards are plugged directly into the SIMATIC S7-1200-CPU and are thus connected electrically and mechanically with the CPU.
    • The installation dimensions of the CPU remain unchanged.
    • Replacement of all signal boards is facilitated by removable terminals ("permanent wiring").

Chức năng của SB 1231

The SB 1231 analog input signal board converts analog signals from the process into digital signals for internal processing by the SIMATIC S7-1200 controller.