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Máy tính công nghiệp IPC1047

IPC1047 là dòng máy tính công nghiệp (IPC) hiệu suất cao được hãng SIEMENS sản xuất và phát triển với thương hiệu SIMATIC. SIMATIC IPC1047 được sử dụng linh hoạt cho nhiều ứng dụng khác nhau và có thể đáp ứng các yêu cầu cao nhất. IPC1047 trở thành dòng máy tính lý tưởng dành cho các ứng dụng liên quan đến sản xuất với các yêu cầu cao về hiệu suất tính toán và đồ họa.

SIEMENS giới thiệu về IPC1047

SIMATIC IPC1047 is an industrial PC for maximum computing and graphic capacity requirements with expansive expandability in 19" installation design (4 U).

It offers:

    • Maximum CPU performance due to two Intel® Xeon® CPUs
    • Maximum GPU performance with up to two NVIDIA® Quadro® P5000 graphics cards
    • High degree of expandability thanks to 6 PCIe slots
    • Product design for industrial environment

Những đặc điểm chính của IPC1047

Highest industrial compatibility for 24/7 continuous use in an industrial environment

    • Product design for up to 50 °C ambient temperature
    • All-metal housing with high EMC for use in industrial environments
    • Dust protection thanks to overpressure ventilation concept with fan on the front and dust filter

Maximum performance in plant environment

    • Two Intel® Xeon® E5 4th generation processors, each with up to 14 CPU cores
    • Supports hyper-threading and virtualization technology
    • Up to two NVIDIA® Quadro® P5000 High End graphics cards for maximum graphic and computing capacities
    • Maximum performance with up to 2 TB DDR4 work memory and Intel® C612 Express chipset
    • High data transfer rates with PCI Express 3.0 technology, USB 3.0, SATA3 (6 Gbps), Gigabit LAN
    • High expandability with 6x PCIe cards and up to 8x SSDs/ HDDs

Minimization of downtimes thanks to high system availability

    • Secured 24-hour operation (high MTBF, variable-speed fan) at ambient temperature up to 50 °C
    • High data security due to RAID configurations: Software RAID or high-performance hardware RAID controllers (PCIe x8) with zero-maintenance cache protection module
    • Status display (front LEDs) for voltage, HDD access and alarm display for fan
    • Efficient self-diagnostics via software
    • Remote control and remote maintenance via IPMI 2.0 (Intelligent Platform Management Interface)
    • Solid-state drive (SSD) and ECC memory
    • Redundant AC power supply with "hot swap" functionality (replacement of power supply module during operation) (option)
    • Redundant Gbit LAN connections (teaming capability)
    • Securing of the replaceable components at the front (e.g. USB software dongle) against unauthorized access by means of a lockable door
    • Locked fan cover: Filter mat and front fan can only be replaced when front door is open
    • Enclosure cover can only be opened when the front door is open
    • Secure internal USB slot in device for software dongle, for example
    • Service-friendly device design (modifications, service), e.g. filter replacement without the need for tools

Cost reductions through high investment security

    • Platform with long-term stability and embedded Intel components
    • Available for 3 to 6 years, then assured spare parts availability for further 5 years
    • Certification for worldwide marketing (cULus)
    • Global support

Reduced costs due to time savings for commissioning, operation and servicing

    • High flexibility and expandability thanks to integrated interfaces and up to 6 PCI Express slots
    • Preinstalled and activated operating system
    • Fast restoration of the SSD delivery state via restore USB flash drive
    • Universal implementation as an industrial workstation or server
    • Software RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 onboard
    • 2 x LAN 10/100/1000 Mbps connections (Gbit LAN with teaming capability)
    • Remote maintenance with IPMI 2.0 technology

Ứng dụng thích hợp với IPC1047

SIMATIC IPC1047 provides machine manufacturers, plant constructors, and control cabinet builders, as well as IT service providers in the industrial environment, with a high-performance, extremely flexible 19" rack PC platform for machine-level industrial use:

    • Data acquisition, evaluation/processing and management
    • Image processing and editing in the context of quality inspections
    • Virtualization of applications, e.g. with VMware
    • Server applications
    • Visualization of production processes

SIMATIC IPC1047 với thiết kế

Cấu hình mặc định của IPC1047

    • All-metal 19" enclosure for flush mounting (4 U) for high mechanical resilience (vibration/shock) and high EMC
    • Prepared for mounting of telescopic rails
    • Horizontal installation is possible
    • Lockable front door for authorized access only (access protection) to removable data storage media at the front, operating controls (Reset, Power), USB interface, front fan and dust filter
    • Card retainers and fans for graphics cards for safe operation and transport (vibration, shock, temperature)
    • Front fan and dust filter can be replaced without tools
    • Dust protection filter by means of overpressure ventilation with ball bearing front fan
    • 4 x 3.5" or 8 x 2.5" slots for SSD/HDD drives
    • Onboard graphic VGA/2D controller 1920 × 1200@60Hz 32bpp
    • Interfaces:
      • 2 x Intel Gbit Ethernet (RJ45, teaming-capable)
      • 1 x dedicated IPMI interface (RJ45)
      • 4 x USB 3.0: 2 x at the rear, 2 x at the front, can be used with door closed
      • 2 x USB 2.0: 2 x at the rear
      • 1 x COM1 serial interface (V.24), 9-pin D-sub connector
    • Power supply: 100 ... 240 V AC, 50 ... 60 Hz

Tùy chọn cấu hình các thành phần còn lại của IPC1047


    • Intel® Xeon™ E5-2620v4 8C/16T, 2.1 (3.0) GHz, 20 MB SmartCache, Turbo Boost 2.0, Extended Memory 64 (EM64) and virtualization (VT-x/-d) technology
    • Intel® Xeon™ E5-2658v4 14C/28T, 2.3 (2.8) GHz, 35 MB SmartCache, Turbo Boost 2.0, Extended Memory 64 (EM64) and virtualization (VT-x/-d) technology

32 GB up to 2 TB DDR4-2400 MHz SDRAM ECC memory

6 free slots for expansions:

    • 3 x PCI Express x16 Gen 3
    • 3 x PCI Express x 8 Gen 3

Graphics card Nvidia Quadro P5000, memory = 16 GB (GDDR5X, 256-bit), processors = 2 560,

4 x DisplayPort, DVI-I (dual link), 3 x DVI-D (single link) - with adapter, VGA - with adapter

HDD and SSD hard disk

    • 4 x hard disk (HDD) SATA/SAS 3.5'' or
    • Up to 8 x hard disk (HDD) SATA/SAS 2.5'' or
    • 8 x solid-state drive (SSD) SATA 2.5''
    • Internal installation on the permanent hard disk support: 480 GB SSD 1.9 TB SSD
    • Supported RAID levels: 0, 1, 1E, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60

Những chức năng chính của IPC1047

Dual socket & multi-core processor technology

Due to the use of two processors, each with up to 14 processor cores and hyper-threading, the Xeon processors are ideally suited to multi-thread application programs and multitasking, as well as virtualization.

Simultaneous sophisticated applications, e.g. multiple virtualizations, visualization applications with demanding graphics or programs with extensive calculations can be executed at the same time. Thanks to the outstanding thermal design, the SIMATIC IPC1047 also runs at an ambient temperature of up to 50 °C without any loss in performance.

Massively parallel data processing

Thanks to up to two integrable NVidia® Quadro GPUs with 2560 stream processors each, complex tasks, such as in the field of AI, can be massively accelerated.

Integrated monitoring functions

    • Temperature inside enclosure, fan speed (CPU fan and front fan)
    • Extended diagnostics/messaging via Ethernet, email, SMS

IPMI functionality (Intelligent Platform Management Interface)

This property allows remote access to the IPC (for servicing), even when the operating system has been shut down for diagnostics and troubleshooting:

    • Controlled startup/shutdown of the IPC
    • Access to BIOS settings and BIOS update
    • Measures by means of remote access in the event of a fault, e.g. reboot
    • Software updates from integrated ISO image

RAID functionality

RAID1 (mirroring) for automatic data mirroring on two SATA/SAS hard disks or RAID5 (striping with parity) for optimized utilization of capacity with high degree of fault tolerance on three SATA/SAS hard disks.

Hardware RAID controller (PCIe x8) (option):

    • Auto-rebuild following replacement of hard disks
    • Fast rebuild to restore safe state again as quickly as possible
    • Higher system performance by offloading the processor during rebuilds
    • Zero maintenance cache protection: Protection of data in controller cache during power failure

Integrated interfaces

Ethernet: The two integrated Gigabit Ethernet interfaces (10/100/1 000 Mbps) can be used for IT communication and data exchange

IPMI: A dedicated IPMI RJ45 interface can be used for monitoring and maintenance of the SIMATIC IPC1047.

Expansion: Six PCIe slots, six USBs and one serial interface are provided for connecting additional I/O devices